Cancel Order Minifigures - COM

Cancel Order Minifigures - COM

Hello ,

We're so sorry to have not met your expectations. We work very hard everday to do our best and improve our service. And we'd like to have delivered your order.

For this reason, before to cancel your order , we ask you for a last chance.

You are going to receive a gift card of 0€ that includes an additional 15% gift to use it in our website. We are the only Large Display Frames manufacturer worldwide, and our goal is to make known our handcrafted Display Frames. So you can buy minifigures and sets with this gift card, but you can also use it to buy a Display Frame. Of course, if you decide it, we can just cancel your order and we'll refund the that you've paid.

Value = 0€
Includes 15% extra gift of 0€!
Lego Minifigures Display Frame Gift Card
Expires on 17-04-2025

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