How can I place bulky Minifigures?

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How can I place bulky Minifigures?

23 Apr, 2021 727 Products

Our Display Frames are suitable for large minifigures and accessories, because they have been designed with an inner depth of 4 cm, which is almost a 5 stud brick. This way it offers the maximum space for big or special minifigures.

Also, it usually happens with special high-volume minifigures, such as Medusa, Orca, Ariel, etc. that cannot be placed on a 2x2 base.

To help you to get a better placement, we offer several Brick Plates packs at an economical price that you can always add to your Frames order without increasing the shipping price.

You can check in this link the available Brick Plates Packs


Temporarily, this product could be finished with 2x3 inverted slope, instead of 2x2
Due to the known shortage of materials that the global industry is facing this year, some Lego bricks are suffering break of stock. Unfortunately, the 2x2 inverted 45º slope is one of them. This is why we're alternatively using the 2x3 inverted slope to complete some of our Display Frames. If you prefer to wait until there is stock again, to receive your Display Frame with the usual 2x2 slope, please contact us to let us know.

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