I have received a damaged item

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I have received a damaged item

22 Apr, 2021 178 Orders

If by any reason you detect that the item is broken, please don't accept it. We will only send it again if you reject the item. So before you receive it, be sure that the frame or glass are not broken. If you check that it’s broken, please report to the courier that you don't want to receive the shipment because it came broken.

Claims of damage, as well as images required, must be received by us within 7 calendar days since the delivery of the item.

If an item is damaged during shipment, in order to facilitate an insurance claim we require the following images:

  • Photo of the damaged item in its totality: the image has to show the damage in its totality, not only a detail.
  • Photo of the exterior wrapping, including the entire label of the delivery company.
  • Photo of the damaged item inside the opened wrapping showing the protections used for the shipment.

Contact Us to notify the incidence. 


**You must keep the original products and its packaging as it was received, so the transport agency can assess your goods and decide whether compensation will be given.

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