Manufacturing and preparation

× Important notice for all orders
Due to the high demand and the shortage of certain materials, all of our shipments are suffering delays. Please, we ask you to be patient, as we're working as fast as we can to dispatch pending orders. Remember: all our Display Frames are made to order, manufactured end-to-end in Barcelona, and some parts are completely handcrafted. You can check your order status here.

Manufacturing and preparation

05 Feb, 2021 23051 Shipping and Delivery

Our team is working to complete pending orders, but manufacturing times are just for your guidance and are subject to changes. Shipping times can vary also, depending on the delivery country.

For orders that includes Display Frames, manufacturing times also can vary due to the high demand, or the variant choosed. All these products are made to order.


All our Display Frames are made to order and currently these are the manufacturing times:

  • Manufacturing time for Display Frames is usually between 8 and 12 weeks*.
  • For Display Frames with Printed Backgrounds, this manufacturing time could be increased.
  • For customized and bespoke Display Frames, manufacturing times can be significantly increased, because of the process of customization.
  • Products in stock (not Display Frames) generally will be prepared to dispatch in 3 to 5 working days.  You can check your order status here.


Bear in mind that delivery times may vary if your order contains pre-order products.

Discover here detailed manufacturing process


July 1st Update:

Production will be closed from August 7th to 27th, so manufacturing times for orders placed before this period will be increased, according to these days. Thanks for your understanding.

→ More information visit Delivery Times

*Lead times are for your guidance and can be subject to change.

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